Bridges to Better Business 2024
An incredible celebration of local food and small businesses
On September 26, the small business community of Elgin County and St. Thomas is invited to gather at the Elgin County Railway Museum for the annual Bridges to Better Business event; an incredible celebration of local food and small businesses. 

Small Businesses are at the heart of our community and we value the contribution that every business makes. We are honoured to be in the position of advisors within the local small business ecosystem and so proud of what can be accomplished together. Bridges is our opportunity to bring everyone together to celebrate those accomplishments in community. 

One of the most exciting elements of our annual Bridges to Better Business is the opportunity to highlight local food. We are absolutely THRILLED to be working with local businesses to bring you a TASTE of Elgin County and St. Thomas in 2024!

We have such an incredible line up this year for our guests to enjoy! Sweet and savoury small bites that are sure to leave you wanting more - even once you are stuffed! *Conveniently* all of the participating businesses are local so you have the chance to visit them at their locations for more opportunities to enjoy their menu offerings!

The Food Showcase is included as part of your event ticket - no additional sampling tickets required. A cash bar will be available featuring a selection of local options.

And to add to all of the excitement this year – we will be joined by the one and only Steven Page as he takes the stage to perform and keep us entertained as we celebrate the incredible community of small businesses across Elgin County and St. Thomas.
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$75.00 (+$9.75 tax)
Admission for one person, incl. Food Showcase
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